My freelance writing and editing business is called The Write Alternative because that’s what I do. I pick up a lead and come back with the finished story. Job done.

If you're a editor or a publisher, you can brief me and set me running to come back on word count and on time. If you're a business, I can help you work out who you need to be talking to and translate your message into award application-speak, report-speak, instruction-speak or marketing-speak.

I write features, profiles and ‘how to’ articles. I write award applications, advertorial, plans, website and social media content, media releases, fact sheets, brochures, newsletters, reviews, advertising copy and books. And I edit all that and more. One day I will be writing a feature on cooking mushrooms, the next it could be an application for a business award or a fact sheet about a new software product for small business. (This is why my friends simply say, "Lee writes stuff".)

My experience also includes developing and executing all aspects of communications strategy, from writing the content to briefing the designers and media wrangling. I've also worked as a librarian in public, special and academic libraries and as a vendor for information resources. I've created and implemented advocacy and community consultation projects, and worked as a research consultant and communications manager too.

So I actually do a bit more than just write stuff. I also know how to work out what needs to be communicated and the best way to do it. I do all my strategic communications development and writing with your objectives in mind, whether that’s a feature story for a tightly targeted market, or enabling an organisation to talk effectively to consumers, government or business.

That's the what, now here's the why. I am in this business because I am constantly inspired and excited by the things I find out about. Sure, I have a soft spot for anything and everything related to food. And libraries. And art, and science, and communities...but mostly I've got an even softer spot for helping my clients by writing whatever needs to be written. And I just love to share a good story.

So if something needs writing, and you need someone to write it, I'm your Write Alternative.


ABN 88 469 345 562

Lee is a member of Food SA, a business member of Food Bloggers Australia, and an Associate Member of the Australian Library Association and Information Association.